Custom Apparel Options

Following are the options for customize shirts and other items in our shop right here in West Monroe.

Our pricing typically includes the apparel, artwork design, and printing. We can also print on customer supplied garments. Typical turnaround is 5 business days (1 week) from approval of pricing, quantities, and artwork, although occasionally this may be longer (or shorter) depending on the number of orders already in progress. Minimum order for screen printing shirts is 24.

Screen Printing 

This is our primary method for printing t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other apparel ... even canvas bags. The pricing depends on the number of colors and the number of locations, the quantity, plus the brand and style of shirt included.

You may be asking, why the quantity, or why the number of colors? This is because the highest expense, other than the apparel, is the cost of creating the screens. Each color gets it's own screen, and depending on the size of the design, each location might also require their own screens. This is the reason for the 24 minimum for screen printing - less than 24 and the cost per shirt simply becomes too high.

Example pricing:

Call (318-397-4430) or email us ( for pricing for your project.


Vinyl - Thermoflex - Siser

Thermoflex and Siser are brands of vinyl of the same quality used by professional sports teams. These are mostly used for adding names/numbers to sports jerseys, or for adding a glitter sparkle accent to a screen printed design. Usually, adding a name is an additional $5 on top of the screen printing costs listed above.


Direct to Garment Ink Jet Printing (DTG)

The DTG process allows us to print full color photographs, and is sometimes used for add-ons after printing the original order. We can also print on hard surfaces like wood or un-polished stone, as long as the item is less than 0.25" thick. The maximum print area is 14"x16". This process requires 100% ringspun cotton fabric in a very light color (white, natural, pastel colors only). Printing a tee on the DTG starts at $22. A setup fee may be applied for any orders of less than 20.


Pricing and turn-around times are subject to change.


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